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Rittergut Positz

"Monument" to vacation, romance, nature - Rittergut Positz Behind the old walls of the knight's estate from the 16th century you will find spacious, super cozy apartments with a mixture of modern, contemporary comfort and old stylish furniture. With us, you leave everyday life behind you from the very first moment and can do everything that makes a successful holiday: active and relaxing, space for yourself and time for each other. Lovingly designed details such as arcades and small romantic seating areas create a cozy atmosphere. Secluded, surrounded by greenery, you live in harmony with nature - also ideal for your children. On warm summer nights under the arbor, drink a glass of wine and listen to the frog concerts, dream in the four-poster bed, walk through the cherry orchard to the bathing pond 500 m away and refresh yourself, watch game from the window, rent bicycles or boats ... There is so much to experience - Rittergut Positz.   Generously designed apartments, vacation rooms and. Suites, playground u. Petting zoo on a 30,000 m² plot between meadows, forest, fields and the like. Ponds. Bathing pond, horse riding, farm. Quaint tavern m. Stack. A lot of nature for family vacations.