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Feriendorf Altes Land

Directly on the Elbe bank, reached by a typical for the Old Country "Altlaender goal," trapped between bettors and Elbe, in the middle of an old fruit farm, is the holiday village of "Old Country" in the community Hollern. Of the more than 135 vacation homes are rented out by the holiday village of "Old Country" mbH 85 homes for the respective owners of holiday guests. Since 1984, the Village enjoys with its beautiful, individually for up to 6 persons furnished vacation homes and more popular among guests. From the luxurious real wood-timbered cottage for six people with three bedrooms and two spacious bathrooms to the cozy standard cottage for 4 persons, all holiday houses on such a complete facility that lacks the holiday inn for nothing. In addition to the spacious reception is at the service center, a grocery store for the urgent needs and a small but neat gift shop, a library, which now has more than 600 books and a washing machine, dryer and ironing center, which is available to guests is. Newsagent, post office, internet, fax and the bread much needed services are also located in the service center. Thus the guest can enjoy the Sunday really be on Sunday the rolls even brought to the cottage. Because the village is particularly animal-friendly was, especially for dog owners who spend their holidays with their four-legged friends in the holiday village, built a fenced dog run space. The holiday village community house, "village inn" called the guests of the village during the season is available daily. There are holiday village for guests gastronomic theme evenings such as: Nordic fish buffet, Italian, Spanish and Greek nights, Easter brunch and more organized. The holiday guests are introduced to such an evening with local specialties, some extra treats from the respective countries. Directly at the "village inn" is this year the newly established Pizza-Pasta-Fries stand, which also takes place simultaneously use as a barbecue hut. Let's start with what awaits the little ones: First, the children meet the well-known throughout the region, clown and entertainer, Roberto. From Monday to Friday afternoons then, for example, Indians, where the kids cook sausages and bread available at the campfire or bake, pirates afternoons, where the children are served by the Village Administrative fish sticks and fries are done. Karaoke nights, movie days, evenings and disco-Sketch and the preparation of a circus program are also an integral part of the offer for the kids. The climax is then on Fridays, the final event in the circus tent specially acquired in the Village. Guest children lead their own together with Roberto, before they designed by circus program with magic tricks, Jonglörauftritten, fire-eaters, Fakie and much more. Monday is the "village inn" the "Guest Information Altlaender" instead, which includes all guests of the accommodation facilities in the municipality are invited. A trained Altlaender-tour guide in their typical costume Altlaender informed about everything worth knowing about the old country and the possibilities for holiday-making in the Old Country. Then the guests through the holiday village of "Old Country" management company, a welcome cocktail will be served. In the evening, will be the traditional "eating pancakes" instead. Tuesday night is crickets announced. Wednesdays in the "village inn" bingo played on Thursdays guests can expect a "Nordic fish buffet," Fridays a gastronomic theme night, followed by circus and Saturdays it is in an extended farewell breakfast in the "village inn" Farewell to the holiday village "Old Country" and a fantastic holiday in to take old country on the Lower Elbe.