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At an altitude of 1200 m on the Pohorje Bistrica hotel located Dawn, because you southern location offers a pleasant warmth in the winter sun, summer is the optimal combination of refreshing cool forests and not too hot in the sun. Favourable climatic conditions throughout the year have a positive impact on the health well-being. Soothing silence and seclusion allow relaxing spending so active as comfortable leisure.

The hotel is equipped with a friendly gentle slope from the car park entrance, wide doors and elevator so happy to offer hospitality to guests with physical limitations who can not use stairs.

Rooms and suites are modern, while the wood and stone-based native architecture evokes a sense of familiarity. The special charm of stay also gives the view from the balcony of the hotel upper floors, a beautiful view when you banish any worries or romantic in the clear nights sky studded with stars affixed to an unforgettable mark in the memory book. When you watch a stunning sunrise or sunset, you will feel why the hotel name Dawn.
Hotel Zarja
Frajhajm 34
2208 Pohorje 

Tel: 02 6036000
Fax: 02 6036001
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