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Sourada studios and furnished apartments (Category 3***) is located at the northern suberbs of Mitilini in Lesbos Island, at Sourada area. Sourada is a very picturesque and noble area near the Aegean univercity and the nautical club.

Sourada Studios are located at the most noble area in Mitilini Sourada. You can find the most wonderful view from Sourada studios with beautiful scenery and romantic sunsets. It is the ideal place fora people that are looking for quiet and sage vacations 150m from the seashore. Sourada studios are fully equiped and ofer all kinds of facilities, in ored to satisfy the most demanding guests.

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Sourada Studios
25th George Moura
81100 Mytilene 
Lesbos - North Aegean
Telefon: +30 6944677506
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