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Hubertus Fogadó

Hotel Hubertus Fogadó
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The pension Southside Recreation Areas highlighted in the Zala Hills as part of the city where the vineyard is located Zala panorama, fresh air, friendly atmosphere that provides for relaxation, recreation, relaxation may be full.

Southside and the spa market through popular among tourists. The spa is about us. 2 km by bike, by car or by foot (easy walk) distance. Week, Guard, from the region show a taste of Göcsej Kerka Valley. An ideal place for walking cycling paths, marked hiking trails are waiting for the pedestrian, bicycle, car-hikers. The forest railway is worth a trip! Our forest is the longest railway in Hungary, 32 km long. The boarding house near the forest superior location adjacent to the mushroom tours, barangolásokra. Our guests like to give tips, we offer organized tours or offer half-or full-day excursion.

Prices: from 5000 Ft ( to 22000

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in the country buffet-style breakfast half-board own restaurant international cuisine diet cuisine friendly with families reductions for children fun for children safe parking lot bus parking lot flat standard room double room room with several beds WC bath-tub shower TV set internet connexion kitchenette aircondition fax for guests wellness area beautyfarm massages whirlpool sauna guide for the mountains bikes for rent dancing open air pub wine-tasting barbecue room for training-colleges
Hubertus Fogadó
Harangláb u. 30
8960 Lenti 
Zala megye + Balaton - Nyugat-Dunántúl
Tel: 0692551102
Fax: 0692551104
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